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About Us

“TalentUs”is a reputed consultancy firm, lead by young dynamic HR and Training professionals. We focus on best staffing and training solutions for corporate and non-corporate. We are committed to deliver the best. The hunt ends here! We solve employers’ problems in finding professionals to fill the gap in their organisation with the most talented and skilled leaders and executors. We are passionate about taking on challenges that matters our clients. Identify- Manage- Retain the “Talents” in an organization is one of the most challenging job in current scenario. We are here to assist organisations by investing significant time and effort to overcome these challenges by offering unique services


Unemployment is one among the serious challenges which India is facing in this century. But still organisations are finding difficulty to have suitable candidates to fill various vacancies in their organisations. Same time, lot of talented candidates are struggling to get a suitable job. Here “TalentUs” intervenes! India is becoming digital and our country is going to take off to a new era. To ensure the fast growth of our country the young generation has to play a vital role. TalentUs intervenes here with our professional training team.

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We are Self-Dependent Nation with Hardworking Loving People

Our commitment to society

5R doctrine

Right person in Right position and Right place at Right time will give Right direction to the society. “TalentUs” work as a catalyst between the demands and supplies.

Guiding Partner

A young generation with clear vision, positive attitude, and hardworking mind set, and good values will be an asset to the nation for its stable growth. “TalentUs” work as a guiding and influencing partner with the young generation.